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Are you headed to the concert of a lifetime? Celebrating a bachelorette party at a casino? Anytime you are traveling to a big event with a group of friends you can get your party started on the way with an Arrow Prestige party bus.

Ride Together

There are many advantages to riding with your group on a bus. The first is that you can all be together. At best you may be able to fit 5 or 6 people into cars. This means you will have to caravan and won’t all get to be together. When you are on a bus, travel time can be more time to celebrate with your friends.

Eliminate Stress

A bus also eliminates any stress associated with traffic, directions and parking. These little details can get in the way of a great time. Let someone else handle it. An experienced driver will know how long to expect for the drive. You can enjoy each other’s company, if you get stuck in traffic and you will be dropped off at the door. You won’t have to find a parking space or track down your car at the end of the night. The bus will also make sure that everyone arrives at the event on time.

Enjoy the Evening

Letting someone else do the driving also eliminates the need for a designated driver. Everyone can enjoy an evening out without worrying about getting everyone home safely. In addition to being able to enjoy a few drinks without worrying, you won’t have to be concerned about exhaustion or distraction from other riders making the drive home unsafe.

Get a Quote

Arrow Prestige offers many choices, including a 26 passenger party bus that includes U-shaped leather seating, so you can face all of your friends, a 50” TV and DVD players, mood lighting, ice coolers and a refreshment area. You can enjoy drinks and entertainment while you are on your way to your destination. Contact Arrow Prestige to get a quote for your party bus today.


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