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When you are moving around a group of people for corporate travel a bus can be a much better option than renting cars.


If everyone is going to and from the same places, buses are much more convenient to coordinate. You do not have to ensure that everyone has directions to their destination and you can relieve the stress of enduring traffic. You also can avoid providing parking for everyone arriving in individual cars. When travel is already stressful for clients or employees, providing a bus can eliminate one element of stress.


Traveling by bus also allows clients and salespeople to interact and build rapport. Surveys cited by Reuters found that traveling alone and being away from family contributed to business travel stress. A bus allows coworkers to spend more time together and reduces time spent traveling alone.

Traveling by bus can also provide extra time for partners to discuss and perfect a presentation or develop a plan of action. Any time an employee doesn’t have to spend driving can be used for business, which improves productivity. Some buses available in the Arrow Prestige fleet are even wifi enabled.

Business Expenses

Traveling by bus can also make managing business expenses simpler. Instead of each individual filing mileage claims, cab fares or arranging rental cars for everyone traveling, hiring a bus allows you to take care of transportation for the entire business party in a single invoice.

Stress Free Travel

You can arrange a coach with Arrow Prestige for a party as small as 13 or as large 41. All of our buses and coaches provide a comfortable, stress free ride for your employees and clientele. Not only will booking a bus make your traveling employees’ lives easier, but your job as a business owner easier as well. Contact Arrow Prestige to see how you can coordinate business travel for your organization.


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