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Some people get together with their extended family once a year or more, for others a family reunion is a rare and highly anticipated occasion. Whether you see your family regularly or it has been ages since the last gathering, you want everyone to have a great time.

Events For Conversation

A family reunion should be planned with plenty of time to catch up. Activities that allow for conversation and interaction are a great idea. Arrange a time to grill out at a park, go to an interactive museum, or enjoy a hike together. Wherever you are planning to go, you can get there together.


Arranging a bus to transport your family will give you all more time to catch up, share memories and share stories from your lives. Providing a bus for a special outing, such as an evening at a fine restaurant, a winery tour, or a day at the zoo, may eliminate the need for some reunion travelers to rent a car.

Stress Free

Traveling by bus will also ensure that you will all arrive at the same time. No one will get lost or stuck in traffic on the way. When you travel in cars each car will require a designated driver. On a bus, everyone can relax and enjoy the evening without worrying about safe transportation home.

Plan For Everyone

Remember when you are planning your reunion to plan events that will entertain a broad range of ages from children to elderly adults. Providing transportation to big events can make the trip much easier to manage many of the guests. A comfortable bus will be more convenient for older adults and exciting for small children. When you want everything to run smoothly, the convenience of a bus is unmatched. Find out today what kind of transportation you can book for your family reunion through Arrow Prestige.


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