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When you need to hire a car for transportation, think carefully about all of your needs before you choose what type of car you will hire. Many people often associate limos only with parties and special occasions like weddings, however there are several advantages that limos can offer over regular cars for other occasions.

Conducting Business

When you are transporting business associates to and from airports or to important client meetings, limos can offer meeting space that other cars do not. Limos are arranged so that passengers can face one another. This makes it easy to prepare for meetings and discuss important topics face to face. This is much more challenging in a car setup where passengers are seated side by side and front to back. Limos also offer technology such as dvd players that allow business associates to share information with one another. When limos double as a conference rooms, you can save your business time and meeting space.

Riding in Luxury

When you want to impress a client or potential investor, nothing will make them feel special like a limo. When you rent a limo you are showing your client that you went the extra mile to serve them. Riding in a limo while they are being transported from airports or to important meetings will send the message that you are serious about their investment.

More People

A limo can transport between six and ten people. A sedan can comfortably transport four people and an SUV can transport five. If you need to move around a larger group, it is easier to hire one limo than several cars. In a limo the entire party can travel together and there is no need for coordination.


Limos are the perfect way to impress your date and make a memorable evening. When you want to show someone you love them and share a romantic evening in the city, limos are the classiest way to get around.

Quality Limos

Whether you want to make the most of a business meeting or make a memorable night out, limos offer an excellent experience. Count on Arrow Prestige to provide quality luxury limos and outstanding service.


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